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Q1: What is stormwater engineering?

Stormwater engineering involves the design and management of systems to control the flow of rainwater, addressing issues like runoff, flooding, and erosion.

Q2: What is OSD design?

OSD design, or On-Site Detention design, focuses on creating facilities to temporarily hold and release stormwater to prevent flooding and erosion downstream.

Q3: What is a flood assessment report?

A flood assessment report evaluates the potential risks and impacts of flooding, providing essential information for effective flood risk management.

Q4: What is 2D flood modeling?

2D flood modeling is a technique that simulates the spatial distribution of floodwaters, providing a more accurate representation of flood behavior compared to traditional 1D models.

Q5: What is swept path analysis?

Swept path analysis assesses the movement of vehicles within a given space, ensuring that vehicles can navigate safely through roads, driveways, or parking areas.

Q6: Why is a soil permeability report important?

A soil permeability report assesses how easily water can pass through soil, which is crucial for designing effective drainage systems and foundations.

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